Every time there are more homes and businesses that have different infrastructures in which the profiles coating (aluminum, PVC, etc.) have a great role. One of the great handicaps faced by these profiles is that they do not offer many personalization options, especially abroad.

For that reason, the coating of profiles is one of the best alternatives that exist to be able to personalize or give a different touch to the profiles. Thanks to the versatility of these coatings, they can be used in different places like the ones we are going to share with you in this article.

Places to use profiles coating

Although it seems that this kind of coating can only be placed on doors and windows, it is not true, there are many other places where they can be used. Something as original as it protects corners, which can be given a special touch, with a different color from the walls, creating a curious combination of colors.

Another place where you can place this coating can be in furniture, such as a table. If the style of your table bores you, now you have an excellent opportunity to completely change something so simple and turn it into something original.

The boardbase that many people usually have in their home are also another place where profile cladding can be used. As with protecting corners, you can create a curious contrast of colors with the color of the wall or floor.

Do you want to give a new life to the steps of your ladder? With this coating you can choose between many alternatives like different colors and textures, to change your staircase in a very short time.

Finally, this coating can also be used on facades, creating a completely different look to those you know and that cannot be achieved with any other material.

If you want to reform or rehabilitate a wall or even if you want to give it a different touch, aluminum wall coverings are one of the current trends. It is one of the best ways to change the appearance of any wall of the house, in an affordable and fast way.

How to place the aluminum covering on the wall

Depending on the type of panel, it can be placed one way or another, as well as using different kinds of tools. In this article we are going to choose aluminum papers or aluminum films, products that provide a unique look to the wall.

It is important to remember that it is not the same aluminum paper that we can use in the kitchen, they are similar to vinyl papers although in this occasion the plastic film is replaced by a very thin and durable aluminum layer.

To place this material you have to clean the wall very well and leave it free of nails, studs, hooks or any other object. Also, if there is a crack, fill it with a specific product, let it dry and when it is dry, sand the entire wall well. It is very important to leave the wall completely smooth and clean, because any kind of imperfection will be noticed when placing the aluminum cladding.

Then you have to make a careful gluing of the entire wall, trying to cover it all. Then we must gradually apply the aluminum foil, trying to eliminate all air bubbles that might have been under the paper, trying to leave it as correct as possible.

When it is placed we can enjoy its advantages in addition to the style they bring to any room in the house. It can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens, as it is resistant to water, humidity and high temperatures.

Although they are fixed with very little effort, if you want to remove, you just have to pull the sheets firmly, but little by little to leave the wall completely intact.

A house that does not have a proper insulation can lose up to 25% of energy through the walls. One of the solutions to avoid it, is using coatings of aluminum profiles. With an installation like this, two objectives are met, one is to isolate the home, and another is to provide a decorative touch.

Aluminum, an effective and affordable insulation for the home

Different systems can be used to insulate the walls, such as aluminum profiles, very thin slats, which are very light but are ideal for a correct covering, both for ceilings and walls. One of its main characteristics is that they reflect the heat, preventing it from going through the walls.

This alternative is one of the main measures we can take into account to avoid losing the thermal energy of the home during the months when it is colder in a simple, affordable and effective way.

It is necessary to specify that they are not boards, but that they are aluminum profiles and that between one and the other there is a small space so that the wall can breathe and aerate. In this way, it is possible to avoid that the heat reflected in the aluminum profiles can heat the wall and, when it cools, it can create condensation and can also contribute to the appearance of humidity and mold.

The placement of this kind of profiles is very simple in most cases and there are several ways to place them. One way is by staples directly on the wall or also thanks to some special adhesives.

Also, you can find different alternatives such as placing the profiles on rails that have been placed on the wall, so that it will be much easier to place the profiles one by one to cover the entire wall.