One of the many uses we can give to outdoor profile coatings is to cover the façade plates of efficient and ventilated buildings. Thanks to this, you can give a different aspect to the façade of any building, being able to make that change for much less money than you can imagine.

Some uses of outdoor profile coatings

The coatings of profiles can also be used for the exterior and in the market we can find a large number of sheets suitable for many different uses and for each application process. In the case of outdoor coatings, it should be noted that they have a specific treatment that provides them with additional protection against the effects produced by the weather and also by the action of UV rays.

Currently, many neighborhood communities choose to renovate the facade of their building. One of the options with those considered as efficient and ventilated. It is a facade that covers the original, creating a much more modern aesthetic appearance by placing the plates.

We can find coatings for outdoor profiles with a large number of different colors and even simulate different materials or have textures. With this, we can create a completely original look.

Another option is to apply these profiles on the terraces as well as on the windows and doors of the facades of the building. In this way, you can change the classic golden or metallic aspect of aluminum by different proposals of plain colors, with a large color palette for all tastes.

If you have doors and windows made of PVC, you can provide a metallic look to radically change your style. You can also provide a wooden look among many other materials. In this way it is clear the great versatility with which this class of coatings of profiles for exterior counts.

One of the most current trends that we can find to give a new look to both PVC and aluminum doors and windows as well as many different furniture, are the coatings of profiles. For this, an adhesive sheet is applied that completely changes its traditional appearance.

Give a rustic look to your home with the profile covering

As a general rule, doors and windows are usually made of aluminum or PVC and always have the same colors. In the case of aluminum, it may have the traditional metallic color or a golden tone, its colors being more prominent. PVC is usually white, this being its standard color, although there are options in colors.

To be able to change its aesthetics, the coatings of profiles are one of the most recommended ideas, because for very little money and effort you can completely change its appearance. For example, they can be given a completely different appearance than what we are used to seeing.

With the coatings of profiles we can give a rustic touch, applying one that simulates a texture like wood. In the market we can find different very interesting proposals with wooden classes that will adapt to the aesthetics of any room in the house. You can choose a tone of virgin wood of light color or you can choose darker tones, always with a high quality.

The best thing is that not only can you cover doors and windows, but we can use our imagination and completely change the look of our home. Tables, chairs, picture frames, mirrors, etc., there are many existing options to give a rustic look to our home.

In order to acquire coatings, it is advisable to always rely on the help of a professional company that has a wide range of different proposals to surprise any kind of customer.

Every time there are more homes and businesses that have different infrastructures in which the profiles coating (aluminum, PVC, etc.) have a great role. One of the great handicaps faced by these profiles is that they do not offer many personalization options, especially abroad.

For that reason, the coating of profiles is one of the best alternatives that exist to be able to personalize or give a different touch to the profiles. Thanks to the versatility of these coatings, they can be used in different places like the ones we are going to share with you in this article.

Places to use profiles coating

Although it seems that this kind of coating can only be placed on doors and windows, it is not true, there are many other places where they can be used. Something as original as it protects corners, which can be given a special touch, with a different color from the walls, creating a curious combination of colors.

Another place where you can place this coating can be in furniture, such as a table. If the style of your table bores you, now you have an excellent opportunity to completely change something so simple and turn it into something original.

The boardbase that many people usually have in their home are also another place where profile cladding can be used. As with protecting corners, you can create a curious contrast of colors with the color of the wall or floor.

Do you want to give a new life to the steps of your ladder? With this coating you can choose between many alternatives like different colors and textures, to change your staircase in a very short time.

Finally, this coating can also be used on facades, creating a completely different look to those you know and that cannot be achieved with any other material.

One of the most outstanding trends that currently exist in relation to construction as well as in housing reforms or even in the decoration of homes, commercial establishments or work centers is the inclusion of sheets of specific paper to coat the outdoor profiles and bring them a new style.

The best outdoor profile covering for your home or your business

The coating of profiles can be used for outdoor and is done by vertical mounting. It is a multi-layered sheet, laminated in relief with a semi-rigid base film that offers great resistance to weathering as well as UV rays, always with the guarantee of a firm as important as RENOLIT.

This coating can be used both in window profiles and doors, always for outdoor use. They also have a high index of resistance to moisture and stands out for not having suffered any change in the result of embossing, brightness and color after having been subjected to a temperature stress of 80 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes, resisting it perfectly.

This test makes clear that this product is one of the best alternatives to coat the outdoor profiles of the exterior of your home, business or workplace, for example.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that this class of coatings are very resistant to most agents used in everyday cleaning such as ammonia, alcohol, cleaning agents (provided they do not have abrasive particles) etc. With what you have to be careful is with organic solvents and mixtures or preparations containing organic solvents such as polishing liquids, glues, lacquer removers, etc.

Finally, we must take into account the care and maintenance recommendations that these coatings require. It is only necessary to clean them with a solution of neutral soap or detergent in warm water, wash and dry with a cotton cloth. Never have to polish. With these cleaning tips, this coating will be perfect at the time.

Para finalizar, hay que hablar sobre las recomendaciones de cuidado y mantenimiento que necesitan estos revestimientos de perfiles exteriores. Tan solo es necesario limpiarlos con una solución de jabón neutro o detergente en agua tibia, lavar bien y secar con un paño de algodón. Nunca hay que realizar un pulido. Con estos tips de limpieza, este recubrimiento estará perfecto en todo momento.