Every time there are more homes and businesses that have different infrastructures in which the profiles coating (aluminum, PVC, etc.) have a great role. One of the great handicaps faced by these profiles is that they do not offer many personalization options, especially abroad.

For that reason, the coating of profiles is one of the best alternatives that exist to be able to personalize or give a different touch to the profiles. Thanks to the versatility of these coatings, they can be used in different places like the ones we are going to share with you in this article.

Places to use profiles coating

Although it seems that this kind of coating can only be placed on doors and windows, it is not true, there are many other places where they can be used. Something as original as it protects corners, which can be given a special touch, with a different color from the walls, creating a curious combination of colors.

Another place where you can place this coating can be in furniture, such as a table. If the style of your table bores you, now you have an excellent opportunity to completely change something so simple and turn it into something original.

The boardbase that many people usually have in their home are also another place where profile cladding can be used. As with protecting corners, you can create a curious contrast of colors with the color of the wall or floor.

Do you want to give a new life to the steps of your ladder? With this coating you can choose between many alternatives like different colors and textures, to change your staircase in a very short time.

Finally, this coating can also be used on facades, creating a completely different look to those you know and that cannot be achieved with any other material.