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It can be said that the coating of profiles made with cover sheets is one of the great tendencies in terms of profiles, especially the metallic ones. This product has great versatility and therefore, is increasingly used to give life to any kind of profile, something that cannot be achieved in any other way and that is so good.

With the coating of profiles you can get a surface to have a style so different than the white color we all know. Its commercialization is done through folios that are placed in a very easy way and that offer incredible results.

The great utility of coating sheets

To be able to make a correct lining of the profiles, we can choose between the different kinds of available sheets available in the market. The paper used in the industry dedicated to the coating is structured, normally, in the form of a sandwich.

Its assembly begins with a base paper called base support, which can be found in different colors and grammages. Another layer is that of a decorative paper that can have several aspects, such as a plain color or a pattern with several different patterns, always to the taste of each consumer.

Keep in mind that the color that the finished paper will always have
it will depend on the color of the paper that has been used previously as a base.

The most common grammages range from 30gr to 300gr. although if the customer needs a higher grammage, a solution could be prepared to their needs, but the most common is to choose between 60 and 80 grams because they are usually the most recommended to make a coating that is highly complex.

Now you know what the cover sheets are, the only thing you need is to be encouraged to try them and discover for yourself everything they can offer and the results you can bring to the different places in your home or business.

This post is also available in: Spanish