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If you want to reform or rehabilitate a wall or even if you want to give it a different touch, aluminum wall coverings are one of the current trends. It is one of the best ways to change the appearance of any wall of the house, in an affordable and fast way.

How to place the aluminum covering on the wall

Depending on the type of panel, it can be placed one way or another, as well as using different kinds of tools. In this article we are going to choose aluminum papers or aluminum films, products that provide a unique look to the wall.

It is important to remember that it is not the same aluminum paper that we can use in the kitchen, they are similar to vinyl papers although in this occasion the plastic film is replaced by a very thin and durable aluminum layer.

To place this material you have to clean the wall very well and leave it free of nails, studs, hooks or any other object. Also, if there is a crack, fill it with a specific product, let it dry and when it is dry, sand the entire wall well. It is very important to leave the wall completely smooth and clean, because any kind of imperfection will be noticed when placing the aluminum cladding.

Then you have to make a careful gluing of the entire wall, trying to cover it all. Then we must gradually apply the aluminum foil, trying to eliminate all air bubbles that might have been under the paper, trying to leave it as correct as possible.

When it is placed we can enjoy its advantages in addition to the style they bring to any room in the house. It can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens, as it is resistant to water, humidity and high temperatures.

Although they are fixed with very little effort, if you want to remove, you just have to pull the sheets firmly, but little by little to leave the wall completely intact.

This post is also available in: Spanish