If you want to reform or rehabilitate a wall or even if you want to give it a different touch, aluminum wall coverings are one of the current trends. It is one of the best ways to change the appearance of any wall of the house, in an affordable and fast way.

How to place the aluminum covering on the wall

Depending on the type of panel, it can be placed one way or another, as well as using different kinds of tools. In this article we are going to choose aluminum papers or aluminum films, products that provide a unique look to the wall.

It is important to remember that it is not the same aluminum paper that we can use in the kitchen, they are similar to vinyl papers although in this occasion the plastic film is replaced by a very thin and durable aluminum layer.

To place this material you have to clean the wall very well and leave it free of nails, studs, hooks or any other object. Also, if there is a crack, fill it with a specific product, let it dry and when it is dry, sand the entire wall well. It is very important to leave the wall completely smooth and clean, because any kind of imperfection will be noticed when placing the aluminum cladding.

Then you have to make a careful gluing of the entire wall, trying to cover it all. Then we must gradually apply the aluminum foil, trying to eliminate all air bubbles that might have been under the paper, trying to leave it as correct as possible.

When it is placed we can enjoy its advantages in addition to the style they bring to any room in the house. It can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens, as it is resistant to water, humidity and high temperatures.

Although they are fixed with very little effort, if you want to remove, you just have to pull the sheets firmly, but little by little to leave the wall completely intact.

Currently we can change the appearance of any of the elements we have in the home, always looking to provide the style we want. In this way, we will make our house have the appearance that we like the most. Even PVC profiles can be changed so that they do not have that classic white color that we all know.

One of the methods that we have at our disposal to change PVC profiles, such as windows or doors, is through the application of a quality coating. It is a material that can adhere to the surface of PVC and that completely changes the aesthetics of a window, for example.

Advantages of PVC profile coverings

One of the main advantages that we will obtain with the coatings of PVC profiles is the aesthetic change. In Nacitex we are a company that is specialized in the manufacture of coatings, so we can provide you a varied catalog of different products. Thanks to this, no matter what style we want for our home, we can always find the coating that best suits what we want.

Among the many options that are currently available, are the plain colors with which to create the environment we want for our home. Another alternative is to choose metallic colors or a coating that imitates textures, such as wood, which can also be found in different colors.

This coating stands out because it is very easy to place and you can cover the windows in a very short time. Thanks to this, we will not have to wait too long to enjoy the results, not will we have to do any kind of work or complex operation to place it.

Do not forget that it is a product manufactured to last a long time and requires very little maintenance. Simply clean with a damp cloth and dry it later. In addition, it is worth so much to change the style of PVC profiles both inside and outside.

The coatings for profiles are a unique alternative to give a new style to the aluminum or PVC elements such as windows. It is a product that is very easy to use and with which to completely change the classic appearance that a door or a window can have.

Currently, in the market we can find a large number of options for coating profiles with which we can give a unique look to windows, doors, etc. A specialized company as Nacitex can provide you with the product that best suits the requirements of any client.

It does not matter what kind of lining profiles are needed for the home, whether it is for windows and doors, or if you want to use Do-It-Yourself (DiY) work and decorate different objects in the house such as a windowsill, door frames, drawers or baseboards among others.

Various types of coatings for profiles

Paper coatings are one of the most common profiles coatings available today. Within the range of these products we can find a varied number of proposals, with different colors, so that they adapt to what is needed. Although they are paper, you should not worry because they have a great resistance and are manufactured to last a long time.

This kind of coatings can not only be found for interior, a quality firm can provide a wide number of different proposals among which are the coatings for outdoor. These have a specific treatment to better withstand the inclemencies of weather and changes in temperature.

PPVC coatings are specifically created for a material as versatile and common in many houses as PVC, providing excellent results.

Finally, we cannot forget another very interesting proposal such as aluminum film, capable of providing an unparalleled style to windows, for example. They can be aluminum style, graphite, white with brightness, silver, etc.

Windows are one of the most important elements of a home, not only because they can provide style, both inside and outside, but because they can help regulate the temperature of the home.

With good glazing you can avoid the loss of heat in the winter season or maintain the temperature in summer, at which time most air conditioners are used.

If we look, practically all the windows are the same, at least when it comes to color. Although there are windows that have different colors, such as aluminum or golden, almost all are white. What do you think if you could change the color?

Improve the style of the exterior of your home

If you are one of the people who always take care of the details, in terms of home decoration, it is possible that changing the color is something that you find interesting. Thanks to the coatings of profiles for windows you can choose the style that best suits the decoration of the home.

In a simple way, this coating can be applied, both for interior and exterior. It can be found in paper or aluminum film and also for PPVC, covering a wide range of tastes. In this way, you will have windows with the look you’ve always wanted; no matter if you prefer smooth colors, metallic or with some kind of texture, such as wood.

The coating imitating wood will provide great style and warmth, ideal for PVC or aluminum window profiles. You will keep the technical characteristics of the window, but with a completely different style such as the one provided by the wood.

Other recommended trends are the metallic ones, such as silver or smooth colors. With them you can completely change the color of the window and provide your home with a very special touch.

The interior of a house can be decorated in a thousand and one different ways, even those parts as simple as the baseboards of a house. Have you ever thought about decorating them?

The baseboards, popularly known as skirting boards, are ideal for providing a decorative touch to different areas of the home. They are placed in areas that are free between the wall and the floor and that aesthetically do not look good or are simply placed to provide a certain style.

Lining the sockets of the interior of the house with coatings

If you plan to change your home’s decorative style, you might think about changing even the baseboards, but with a profile covering you’ll save yourself having to change the baseboards throughout the house and you’ll also get them to look great.

In the market you can find many coverings of different profiles with which to use in door frames, drawers, sills or, as in this case, the sockets of our home.

The first thing to do is to choose the style of the covering that we want to use for our home and take the necessary measures to be able to line them. In this case you can do two things: remove the sockets and go one by one or do the process with them placed.

You have to have the cover sheets that have been chosen, a cutter, special glue, a tape measure and arm yourself with patience, because to do it right you have to go little by little. You must take measures and cut the sheets, adapting them to the size of the socket, and paste them.

Some liners have a self-adhesive part and others must be joined to the base using a specific adhesive or glue. The important thing in these cases is to place it correctly and eliminate any air bubbles that may be created when gluing the material.

Currently, home decoration is important, even in the smallest details. In addition, you can change all objects that may be in the house thanks to products such as paper for coating profiles. This paper can be very useful in home decoration and that is what we are going to talk about in this article.

 Different uses for paper profile coatings

One of the most common uses we can give these coatings of paper profiles is to aluminum windows. They can be given a new air in a simple way, making the rooms more cozy. In this case, you can choose a special coating that simulates the appearance of the wood.

You can also change the frames of the doors, especially those that are not in good condition. The first thing to do is to sand them to remove all the imperfections and then apply this coating with care. This will give a new life and a great style to the frames.

Another alternative are the plinths. We can be tired of their appearance and we do not want to paint them or even know what to do with them. By choosing a good coating model, we can completely change its appearance. They will be great!

If you are one of the people who like decorative DiY, the idea of ​​covering the drawers of furniture will surely be very interesting for you. Are they not in good condition? Do you want to give the furniture a special touch? Are you restoring it? With this coating you can give them a unique style.

The last proposal goes with the sill of the window, especially if it is made of aluminum, PVC or some similar material. What you need is to clean and dry the surface and choose a special coating for outdoors. With this small gesture you will be able to completely change the appearance of this area.