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The interior of a house can be decorated in a thousand and one different ways, even those parts as simple as the baseboards of a house. Have you ever thought about decorating them?

The baseboards, popularly known as skirting boards, are ideal for providing a decorative touch to different areas of the home. They are placed in areas that are free between the wall and the floor and that aesthetically do not look good or are simply placed to provide a certain style.

Lining the sockets of the interior of the house with coatings

If you plan to change your home’s decorative style, you might think about changing even the baseboards, but with a profile covering you’ll save yourself having to change the baseboards throughout the house and you’ll also get them to look great.

In the market you can find many coverings of different profiles with which to use in door frames, drawers, sills or, as in this case, the sockets of our home.

The first thing to do is to choose the style of the covering that we want to use for our home and take the necessary measures to be able to line them. In this case you can do two things: remove the sockets and go one by one or do the process with them placed.

You have to have the cover sheets that have been chosen, a cutter, special glue, a tape measure and arm yourself with patience, because to do it right you have to go little by little. You must take measures and cut the sheets, adapting them to the size of the socket, and paste them.

Some liners have a self-adhesive part and others must be joined to the base using a specific adhesive or glue. The important thing in these cases is to place it correctly and eliminate any air bubbles that may be created when gluing the material.

This post is also available in: Spanish